Aleks Krotoski -Technology Guardian Columnist
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Aleks Krotoski is a columnist for The Guardian’s Technology section and for Guardian Unlimited.

Aleks KrotoskiShe is currently working towards a PhD in social psychology at the University of Surrey, examining social networks in cyberspace and understanding online social influence.

Aleks has written games industry reports covering demographics, age ratings, education and regulation. She also regularly speaks about interpersonal processes in online communities with financial, telecommunications and governmental organisations.

Interview with Aleks Krotoski

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  1. Catherine Hassall

    I am a 3rd year student at Lincoln University. I am doing my dissertation on Women in the media and behind the media. This website has really fascinated me and I feel it would be very beneficial to speak to someone about their views on the subject. If it is possible to give an online interview to someone from this website I would be eternally grateful. Thankyou very much.
    Catherine Hassall

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